Coaching and Mentoring

1-on-1 Coaching/Mentoring sessions for youth (age 13-22), are a great way to get more individualized attention and support as well as an opportunity to focus on key aspects of your life that you would like to create positive change in. You will work with Certified Professional Coach, Jasmyne Chandler, for virtual sessions over the phone or via Zoom. In-person sessions are also a possibility.

For teens and young adults who are dealing with so many stressors and external pressures, coaching can be especially helpful because it provides an opportunity for them to share what's happening in their lives in a non-judgemental, confidential space. Coaching sessions are a chance for them to come up with their own goals separate from the expectations and goals that adults in their life think they should have. Feeling empowered to find out what it is that they really want for themselves, and then move towards those goals can be transformational. During coaching sessions we will work towards creating more positive self-talk, self-awareness, and self-confidence in order to build emotional intelligence and resilience.

Coaching sessions utilize the Whole Person Coaching Method as taught by ICF accredited Coach Training World. "This holistic method is based on the premise that when you come to fully embrace, embody and express all aspects of your wholeness, you are positioned to thrive in any aspect of life."

Coaching is not: therapy, crisis management, healing from dysfunction or deep conflict, consulting or advice giving, "fixing" a client or "fixing" a client's problems for them.

Coaching is: very valuable in moving stuck energy, creating positive change in your life, shifting negative mindsets, and feeling empowered to create the life you want.

Individual Coaching/Mentoring Sessions with Jasmyne:

Exploration Session-

This 15-30 minute session is designed to answer any questions you may have about what coaching is as well as what types of things we could work on together. This is also a chance for us to get to know each other and see if we are the right fit for each other. During this complimentary session, we will discuss what you identify as your top challenges and how you would like coaching to enhance your goals and visions. This is also the time we will gather logistical info and schedule our first few coaching sessions

Exploration Sessions happen over the phone or via Zoom.

Coaching/Mentoring Session-

Coaching and Mentoring is a chance for you to feel truly seen, heard, and supported. It's is not about "fixing" you or finding solutions for you. As your coach and mentor, Jasmyne will simply be a sounding board and a mirror to help shed a light on things you may not have seen about yourself and remind you of your own inner resources. Coaching and Mentoring will provide a support system to help you make positive changes as well as accountability for the steps and goals you have laid out for yourself. Jasmyne's main focus as a coach and mentor is to help you build self-confidence, shift stuck energy and negative self-talk, embrace and accept yourself for who you are, and move towards positive change and activities in your life.

These can either be stand-alone sessions, or a series of sessions in order to receive additional support towards reaching your goals and shifting patterns that no longer serve you. Coaching sessions can be scheduled once a week, every other week, or even once a month.

Coaching Sessions are currently happening via Zoom or phone but can potentially happen in person as well.

60 minute Session

First session FREE when you are engaged in a GP Circle.

Stand alone session: $55

Coaching Package-

4 Sessions: $200

6 Sessions: $280

8 Sessions: $350

*Please see our scholarships page if you need assistance with cost.