Rites of Passage

Our Rites of Passage trips for youth will be a powerful way to mark important life transitions. In our modern day culture, the ancient practice of initiating our youth has been lost. "Our culture is one of the few in history that does not incorporate rites of passage, and...this has severe consequences. This is confirmed by therapists and others who work with the emotional, psychological, and spiritual demands of their clients that, in other societies, are addressed through sanctioned rituals.." Marking big life transitions in this way will help youth move forward in their lives with greater self-confidence, self-acceptance and intention.

Upcoming Trips:

We are currently in the planning phase for these Rites of Passage trips, which will be 5-8 day backpacking trips into the wilderness. After backpacking to our destination, there will be group preparation followed by a period of solo time and fasting. The trip will end with a witnessing council and incorporation back into the group and the community.

8th Grade All Genders- 5 days total with 1 day (sunrise to sunset) of solo time. Summer 2023, specific dates TBD

Graduating Seniors and Beyond (18-22)- 8 days total with 3 days/3 nights of solo time. Ages 18-22, All Genders- Summer 2023, specific dates TBD